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Wild Burro

Flyover Tour

Straightaway off the tee, the bunker complex on the right side of the landing area is in play. The approach must negotiate a pot bunker in front of the green, which slopes sharply in several directions.

A dogleg left begins with a carry over the wash to a roomy landing area to the right of a pair of corner bunkers. The fairway narrows leading to the green, which has a big bunker front-left and drops off back to front.

A dogleg right starts uphill to a wide plateau, with a right-side bunker in range. From the crest, the approach is downhill to a desert-style island green, surrounded by a wide wash and a large, front-left bunker.

Slightly downhill over a strip of desert habitat, there is a generous grassy area short and left of the green, creating numerous options. A large, deep bunker is wrapped along the right side of the green.

The straight-out fairway climbs gradually toward a sprawling bunker on the right. The crest may block the sightline to the green, where a bunker is short-right and the rise on the left can provide a friendly carom.

Water stretches out from the tee along the left of a narrow landing area, with a pot bunker in play on the right. A wide wash runs in front of a small green, affecting the decision to go for it, or lay up.

A gentle dogleg right, the fairway tilts to right, toward a wash area that runs along that side from tee to green. A bunker fronts the left side of the green, but there is safety long and right, providing numerous options.

Slightly elevated tees look across a wash to a grassy area short of bunkers that pinch each side of a narrow opening to the green. A ridge creates movement from the center to the right.

Starting straight uphill, two bunkers are in range on the left. The fairway crests, then drops into a swale, rising again to an elevated green. Two bunkers sit short left, with another right of the green.

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