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Flyover Tour

This straightaway hole starts over a wash toward a left-side fairway bunker edged with wispy native grasses. The wash re-crosses the fairway, forcing a carry to at least the mown area in front of the rectangular green.

Bunkers on both sides of this narrow landing area display more flowing, native grasses. A wash area splits the fairway, forcing a carry on the second shot. Pot bunkers protect an elevated green with a sloping ridge.

Teeing off from the highest point of course, a huge bunker runs all along right side, with a pot bunker short of the sloping green that drops off in the front left and back right. Another blind bunker sits in the back left.

Gently bending right, the landing areas are bordered by bunkers and desert. A centered pot bunker 80 yards short of green creates a choice: ignore it, or lay up. Four more bunkers dominate the final 70 yards to the green.

A wide landing area features a massive bunker complex on right (52 yards long). The approach presents a carry over a wash and two deep front bunkers to a narrow green, which is low in front and rises to the back.

Wash areas create a possible double-carry – first from the tee and then where it crosses the fairway, 120 yards from the green (225-yard carry needed). A deep pot bunker is 50 yards short of the level, narrow green.

A downhill carry over the desert wash from the tee, a mown area covering the final 50 yards is bordered by a wide, shallow bunker on the right and pot bunker on the left. The green rises from the front right to back left.

A substantial landing area on this dogleg right includes a bunker on the right that stretches for 77 yards. The approach is a carry over desert wash. The green is defined by a huge center ridge, creating 3- to 4-foot dropoffs.

A roomy landing area on this dogleg right has two bunkers – one on the right and the other centered in the fairway. The approach is a carry over the wash to an elevated green, surrounded by a grassy amphitheater.

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